Tag Essentials 2.3.1 [M2N Addons]


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Hi Stuart,
can I make a suggestion for this addon ?

I am in the process to making this active on my site so I installed it in a "dormant" mode by having disabled tagging globally in XF-option.

My members received "permission denied" error messages when composing threads (entering text in the title-field and leaving that).
Analysis showed that the "Misc" class throws this
class Misc extends XFCP_Misc
     * @return \XF\Mvc\Reply\Message|\XF\Mvc\Reply\View
    public function actionTagessAddFromTitle()
        $options = $this->options();

        if (!$options->enableTagging)
            return $this->noPermission();
in this occasion. Perhaps it should just silently return ?

To work around this I modified the template avForumsTagEss_forum_post_thread_tag_suggestion_js and wrapped it with an test for option:
<xf:if is="$xf.options.enableTagging">
    <xf:if is="$xf.options.tagessSuggestTags">
        <xf:js src="avforums/tagess/tag_suggestion_from_title.js" addon="AVForums/TagEssentials" min="1" />
    <xf:js src="avforums/tagess/tag_suggestion_from_prefix.js" addon="AVForums/TagEssentials" min="1" />

That helped avoiding the errors.


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