Prefix Essentials 2.0.6 [M2N Addons]

Stuart Wright

Staff member
A new update is available for Prefix Essentials by Stuart Wright.

Prefix Essentials 2.0.6

Update highlights

Performance increases. thread-type page load times reduced from ~4 seconds to 0.6 seconds.

Complete Change Log

- Performance fixes when a large number of threads exist on a prefix
- Implement short caching of thread totals per prefix as this can be quite slow
- Simplify viewing a list of threads for a prefix to only show visible threads (even if the visitor can see deleted/moderated threads)

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New Member
im a little confused also....not seeing a link to dl...

sounds like a nice upgrade tho was happy to see it.


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ah i the licences tab is the link...glad i caught this in time...

dont understand why you would have the updates made but not let people pay you to use them....
we expire in a couple months so its a little concerning but glad to be able to use this one and we will let you know if any issues.
thank you

Stuart Wright

Staff member
Also we have an obligation to serve existing license holders, which we will honour, of course.
Addons are sold way too cheaply on Xenforo. The cost of development and support is not, in most cases, recuperated.
The income from license sales accounts for probably less than 1% of our ongoing development costs (of features on AVFourms), and I won't have time going forward to provide support for them (answering questions and fixing bugs which I'm not seeing on AVForums). That's one issue.
How do people feel about taking unsupported addon licenses?

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