Moderator Checkpoint System

Track which posts have been checked by your moderators across the forum
Moderator Checkpoint System
When you have multiple moderators actively checking your forum for rule-breaking posts, this addon allows them to easily mark which posts they have checked so that other moderators don't waste their time checking the same ones.
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If you wish to purchase or renew a license for this product, please register and then send a message to Stuart Wright to request access to purchase. Please include the URL of the forum you wish to use the product on.

This addon has been working to save moderators time on since 2013.
Note: Taken official ownership of this addon from Chris D on 3rd April 2019.

Instructions for the Xenforo 1 version of the addon - shared here as it's so similar to how the Xenforo 2 version works.

The Moderator Checkpoint System (MCS) is a tool designed to save your moderators' time when they are reading through your forum looking for problems. It shows which posts/threads/forums have been checked already.
  • Set usergroup permissions for who can use the MCS
  • Users (normally moderators) can switch on the MCS - called Moderation Mode
In Moderation Mode:
  • Checked posts/threads/forums are highlighted with an admin-specified background colour so it's easy to see which have been checked
  • A special Checkpoint page shows all the unchecked threads in the forums which a user moderates
  • The thread list has a new column, the number of Unchecked Posts in each thread
  • Threads can be sorted by the Unchecked Posts column (the default in Moderation Mode) so the threads needing the most attention are at the top
  • When viewing a thread, the number of unchecked posts is displayed at the top of each page
  • Active Checking can be enabled.
When Active Checking:
  • Posts are automatically marked as checked when they are displayed. The moderator then reads the posts on the page to ensure they are ok. Dodgy posts are dealt with or manually marked as unchecked for later attention.
  • Newly checked posts are highlighted with a different background colour to indicate that they need to be read by the moderator
  • Once installed you need to configure the users who can use the Moderator Checkpoint System. The permissions can be set: per user, per group or per node. Follow standard XenForo best practice for applying these permissions to the relevant users.
  • Check post:
    • This is the basic permission required check posts using the MCS. This allows your moderators to check posts manually (using inline moderation) or automatically (using active checking mode).
  • Uncheck post checked by self:
    • This permission allows a moderator to uncheck a post providing that post was originally checked by their self. If a moderator attempts to uncheck a post that was checked by another moderator, no action will be taken.
  • Uncheck post checked by anyone:
    • This permission allows a moderator to uncheck a post that was originally checked by their self or any other moderator.
  • Check thread:
    • This permission allows a moderator to check an entire thread (multiple threads using the inline moderation from the thread list, or single threads using the Thread Tools drop down from the thread view).
  • Uncheck thread:
    • Allows a moderator to uncheck a thread or multiple threads (as above).
  • View Checkpoint:
    • Checkpoint is a special page available to moderators with this permission. If this moderator is a content moderator (for single/multiple nodes) as opposed to a super moderator, then it will show them a view of all unchecked threads in their own forums.
  • View another moderator's Checkpoint page:
    • This permission activates a drop down on the Checkpoint page, allowing a moderator to view another moderator's forums and the unchecked posts within.
  • View Checkpoint page for entire forum:
    • Give this permission to your Super Moderators and Administrators who might want a full and complete view of the entire forum and the unchecked status of threads.
During install an Index is added to the xf_thread table. This can cause the install process to appear to hang as it can take a long time to add this to an existing table. Be patient, and if you hit any timeouts, try the install process another couple of times (it should eventually finish without error.

Terms And Conditions
  • Each license is valid for use on one Xenforo installation on one specified domain.
  • Transfer to a different domain to that specified at the time of purchase is prohibited.
  • This product will continue to be developed for the foreseeable future.
  • There is no customer support on this product.
  • 12 months license renewals are in place; when your license runs out you can continue to use the add on but will not be able to receive updates until you renew it.
If you wish to purchase or renew a license for this product, please register and then send a message to Stuart Wright to request access to purchase. Please include the URL of the forum you wish to use the product on.
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